How to TIG Welding On Aluminum Pipe is Done?

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Aluminum Pipe TIG welding is typical in an array of industries, which are seeing significant job growth. It requires technique and proper execution. Here are the tips on how to TIG weld aluminum pipe.

When you are welding around an aluminum pipe for a root pass, there might be instances when it’s likely to walk the cup. This needs a steady hand as you move the electrode and utilize the TIG cup to give extra stability. This also gives you a clean and uniform weld.

The backward and forward motions are efficient when you are walking the cup with the electrode for a root pass on an aluminum pipe as it will give deeper penetration into the metal. Forward motion will assist the filler metal to go deeper into the weld joint. The backward motion, on the other hand, will offer extra heat to assists settle in.

While you can distort the metal once you run the TIG welder extremely hot, don’t be scared to run the welder hot enough to break down the edges of the workpiece to get strong fusion with aluminum.

Running too cold will lead to weak weld, so you need to learn how to weld with lots of heat without harming the materials.

If you are already working at hot amperage for the root pass, use the same settings for the hot pass. Avoid cranking it too hot, or you will have a mess on your hands.

If you add your extra passes along the aluminum pipe, you can weave the welds in like any other weld joint. You can utilize a series of cursive or a type of side-to-side arc.

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