120A for 50mm Cut Thickness-Professional Plasma Cutting Machines for Heavy Industrial Usage

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This is the portable CUT-120I Plasma Cutting Machine 120A. It offers excellent flexibility in the sense it can be moved and placed on any workpiece where you need to cut or mark aluminium or stainless steel. The portable plasma cutter machine has a compact microstructure. The horizontal and vertical rails of the whole machine are made of hard aluminium alloy, which reduces the weight of the equipment to achieve the characteristics of easy movement and compact and flexible operation. It is an ideal upgrade product to replace handheld flame-cutting equipment, handheld plasma cutting devices, profiling cutting machines, and semi-automatic cutting carts. The use is as flexible and convenient as the cutting trolley, and it can be moved at will without occupying a fixed site. It is CNC equipment specially used for sheet metal blanking and much more. The machine comes with a flame torch and plasma source 120A.

The 120A has the capacity to cut through 50mm carbon steel, and 40mm stainless steel, aluminium.

Product Features

  • The machine is all welded as a seamless steel structure. Steady structure and long lifetime.
  • The guide rail is more precise and more stable more durable.
  • With the Torch Height Control system, self-adjusting to choose the best torch distance to ensure cutting accuracy.
  • A free air compressor is sent together with the machine, you don’t need to buy any additional parts.
  • CNC system configuration is high, automatic arc, stable performance, and a success rate of 99% arc starting.
  • The beam uses a light structural design, with a good rigidity structure, and light dead weight.
  • The cutting mouth is small, tidy, and avoids a second dressing processing.
  • It can apply to iron sheets, aluminium sheets, galvanized sheets, hundred steel plates, and metal plates.
  • The numerical control system disposes of a high, automatic striking arc, and the performance is stable.
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