MIG-270TDS MIG Welder

MIG-270TDS MIG Welder, a multi-function welding marvel that excels in MIG/MAG, LIFT TIG, MMA, Spool Gun, and FLUX CORED Wire welding.

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MIG-270TDS MIG Welder, a dual voltage powerhouse that excels in MIG/MAG, LIFT TIG, MMA, Spool Gun, and FLUX CORED Wire welding.

➠【Multi-Function Welding for Unmatched Versatility 】 Unlock the full potential of your welding projects with our MIG-270TDS. From MIG/MAG and LIFT TIG to MMA, Spool Gun, and FLUX CORED Wire welding, this welder offers unparalleled welding flexibility.

➠【 Capable of Handling 15kg Wire Spool 】 Tackle extensive welding tasks effortlessly, as the MIG-270TDS is designed to handle 15kg wire spools. Enjoy continuous welding performance for even the most demanding projects.

➠【 Professional MMA Welding with VRD Function 】 Experience professional-grade MMA welding with the MIG-270TDS’s VRD function. Weld with confidence, knowing that operator safety is a top priority in this welding process.

➠【2T/4T Function for Enhanced Operation 】 Take control of your welding experience with the 2T/4T function. Customize your welding preferences for a seamless welding experience, making your work more efficient.

➠【 Stable Arc with Less Spatter 】 Achieve impeccable welds with a stable arc and minimal spatter. The MIG-270TDS ensures superior welding performance, delivering clean, precise results every time.

➠【 Ideal for Both Outdoor and Indoor Use 】 The MIG-270TDS is designed to excel in any environment, from outdoor projects to indoor jobs. Experience welding excellence, no matter where your work takes you.

➠【 Standard Equipped with Cylinder Rack 】 Convenience is at your fingertips with the MIG-270TDS. The standard equipped cylinder rack allows you to keep your welding supplies organized and within reach.

Unleash welding excellence with the MIG-270TDS MIG Welder. Its multi-function capabilities, dual voltage capability, and stability in any condition make it the perfect choice for professionals and enthusiasts alike. Whether you’re working indoors or outdoors, this welder is the key to unlocking unparalleled welding perfection. Invest in the MIG-270TDS now and redefine what’s possible in the world of welding!



Power input AC(V)

1pH/220V & 1pH/380V ±15%

Power input frequency(Hz)


Max. Load Power Capacity(kVA)


Rated current input(A)


Rated output current(A)/voltage(V)


Welding current range(A)


Open circuit voltage DC(V)


Rated duty cycle(%)


Wire Feeding Speed(M/min)


IP grade


Insulation grade




Wire Melting Type

short circuit transfer