MIG-350I MIG Welder

Industrial welding with our MIG-350I MIG Welder, featuring industrial-grade IGBT module for unmatched performance and reliability.

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Industrial welding with our MIG-350I MIG Welder, featuring industrial-grade IGBT module for unmatched performance and reliability.

➠【 Multifunction Welder for Industrial Use  】 From MIG/MAG and Gasless flux cored wire welding to MMA, MIG-350I is a versatile welding solution designed to meet the demands of industrial applications.

➠【Capable of Handling 20kg Wire Spool  】 Tackle heavy-duty industrial welding tasks with ease, as the MIG-350I is capable of handling 20kg wire spools. Enjoy uninterrupted welding performance for your most extensive projects.

➠【 Portable Separated Wire Feeder for Distance Welding  】 Experience enhanced flexibility with our portable separated wire feeder. Carry it to perform distance welding work with ease and precision.

➠【 Full Digital Control System for Superior Welding Quality  】 Take control of your welding parameters with our full digital control system. Adjust welding settings independently for stable arc output and superior welding quality.

➠【 High Efficiency and Duty Cycle for Uninterrupted Work  】 Experience exceptional efficiency and duty cycle with our MIG-350I. Enjoy uninterrupted welding work and no noise from arc welding rectifier, ensuring a productive welding experience.

➠【 Less Spatter and High Metal Deposition Rate  】 Achieve exceptional welding results with less spatter and a high metal deposition rate. Enjoy clean and precise welds with minimal deformation.

➠【 Operation Safety Protection for Peace of Mind  】 Your safety is our priority. The MIG-350I is equipped with operation safety protection against over-voltage, low-voltage, over-current, and over-heating, ensuring worry-free welding operations.

➠【 Heavy Duty Cycle for Industrial Demands  】 Built to withstand the rigors of industrial use, the MIG-350I boasts an impressive heavy-duty cycle, ensuring it’s ready for the most demanding welding projects.

Experience the welding excellence of the MIG-270TDS MIG Welder. Its industrial-grade features, high efficiency, and safety measures make it the ideal choice for industrial welding applications. Whether you need precise welds or high metal deposition rates, this welder is your reliable partner for exceptional welding performance. Invest in the MIG-270TDS now and elevate your industrial welding endeavors to new heights!



Power input AC(V)

3ph 380V ±10%

Power input frequency(Hz)


Max. Load Power Capacity(kVA)


Rated current input(A)


Rated output current(A)/voltage(V)

350/31.5(MIG), 350/34.0(MMA)

Welding current range(A)

60-350(MIG), 40-350(MMA)

Open circuit voltage DC(V)


Rated duty cycle(%)


Wire Feeding Speed(M/min)


IP grade


Insulation grade




Wire Melting Type

spray transfer