what are the different types of welding methods

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The use of welding can be traced over several millennia, examples of welding come from the Bronze and Iron Ages in Europe and the Middle East. Since those ancient times welding and its techniques and applications have significantly evolved, the tools, chemicals, and equipment now used today allow for precision welding as you will find in PERFECT POWER Welders. 

what are the different types of welding methods
what are the different types of welding methods

Welding Methods at  PERFECT POWER Welders 

MIG ‘metal, inert gas

(GMAW) also commonly named as Gas Metal Arc Welding

Mig welding can achieve great results with typically aluminum and steel and it’s the most generally used welding technique for industrial purposes, it uses a continuous consumable electrode and a shielding gas. 

TIG ‘tungsten, inert gas’

(GTAW) also commonly named as Tungsten Arc Welding

Tig welding produces an extremely high-quality weld and is mostly used for welding thinner or more intricate sections of stainless steel and non-ferrous metals such as aluminum and copper. This type of welding while toughest to master produces welds that are extremely resistant to future corrosion and cracking. 

STICK(SMAW) also commonly named as Shielded Metal Arc Welding 

Stick welding is a very adaptable method and is a popular method for repairing and welding iron and heavy steel structures and stainless steel. It also lends itself well to other alloys such as nickel, copper, and aluminum. 


Also commonly named ‘Oxy Welding’ or ‘Gas Welding’Using a neutral flame, oxy-acetylene welding is primarily used for the cutting and joining of non-ferrous and ferrous metals with the exception of brass. Its uses are very versatile, and it’s regularly used to anneal metals prior to bending and forming. 

If you have a welding project or questions about any metal fabrication methods we use at  PERFECT POWER Welders, give us a call we’d be glad to help.

New Arrivals Multi-Process Welding Machines
New Arrivals Multi-Process Welding Machines