Electrode welder – 120 A – Hot Start – LED Display

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The electrode welder ARC-120MINI with IGBT inverter technology by Perfect Power combines power – up to 120 A – with an easy-to-use, portable design. These characteristics mean that the welder can be used for welding inside a workshop or factory and for reparation or maintenance work outdoors.

Installation and maintenance of rails, stairs, gates doors, containers, or objects made from metal can be finished in a professional way. The Stick or MMA device welds materials like carbon steel, stainless steel, and low alloy steel.

The electrode welder has been designed for an efficient and practical operation. Clean and durable welding seams can be achieved in minimal time. The welding current can be seamlessly adjusted with a regulator and goes up to 120 A. The LED display informs of the current parameters.

At the full power of 120 A, the device has a duty cycle of 60 percent. The power can be regulated down to 93 A which increases the duty cycle for a more prolonged operation without pausing. You do not need any protective gas. The E-Hand welder can be used and will work at great precision, even in adverse circumstances, for example with strong winds.

The hot start function of the electrode welder procures an automatic and short-term increase of the welding current. Thanks to this “Hot Start”, the starting point is immediately heated to the optimal temperature and the electrodes do not clog. You get perfect welding results from the first.

The ventilator ensures the consistent operational reliability of the Stick welder, the overheat protection, and the information displayed on the LED display. The device has a carrying strap for easy transportation.

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  • Powered by up to 120 A welding current
  • Precise and clear LED display
  • Clean welding results because of the Hot-Start-function
  • Modern IGBT inverter-technology
  • Lasting duty cycle at 60%

ARC MMA portable welding machine, digital display IGBT inverter beginner mini welder machine with hot start Arc force anti-stick, this MMA welding series can be up to 200amps, ideal for E6011, E6013, E6014, E7018, and welding rods below 1/16-1/8 inch. with a high-duty cycle.

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