The Best Flux Core Welder Under $75 for 2023 – Top Picks, Reviews & Guide

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Flux core welders have changed everything for the DIY welder and small shops. Suitable for amateur and professional welders alike, the flux core welding machine is an ideal welding machine. It offers many advantages not found with other welding machines, such as not needing shielding gas and being easier to use outdoors. Flux core welding is particularly great for galvanized steel and metals subjected to rust, and is similar to MIG welding. Many welding machines can even do both.

These inexpensive, yet powerful machines let you weld everything from auto body sheet metal to serious steel plate.

There are so many machines out there, it’s easy to miss out on great features or pay too much for not enough power.

The right flux core welder will depend on the types of projects it’s used for and the types of metals to be welded. We’ve compiled a list of the best flux core welders to help both professionals and hobbyists to find the perfect machine.

Best Flux Core Welders—Buying Guide
A flux core welding machine is one that performs Flux Core Arc Welding, or FCAW. That said, it can easily be confused with a machine used for Gas Metal Arc Welding, like a MIG welder, especially since many machines are capable of both, and use the same welding gun.

We’ve done the homework so you don’t have to. Check out our 5 great little flux core welders.

FCAW Vs MIG Welding

MIG welders and flux core welders both use the same welding gun as well as similar power to produce the weld. Often, a MIG machine is also capable of flux core welds. The major difference between the two is that unlike MIG welding, flux core welding doesn’t require shielding gas. Flux-Core vs. MIG Welding

Top Picks for the Best Flux Core Welders 2023

Whether it’s for a professional job or DIY repairs, here is our list of the best flux core welders available.

Image Model VoltageProcessesThicknessMax OutputWire(mm)Wire spool CapableMore Info
FC-120 1Ph220V Flux-cored, Stick, Lift TIG0.6~4.0120A0.8~1.01kg
FC-120X MIG Welder, 120Amp 220V Gas/Gasless Flux Core Welder, MIG/Lift TIG/Stick 3-in-1 Welding Machine, IGBT Inverter Welder for Home Repairing FC-120X 1Ph220V Flux-cored, Stick, Lift TIG 0.6~4.0 120A 0.8~1.0 1kg
Flux Core Welder 120Amp 220V Gasless MIG Welding Machine FC-120F 1Ph220V Flux-cored, Stick, Lift TIG 0.6~4.0 120A 0.8~1.0 1kg
FC-120ECO 1Ph220V Flux-cored, Stick, Lift TIG 0.6~4.0 120A 0.8~1.0 1kg
FC-120S 1Ph110V /220V Flux-cored, Stick, Lift TIG 0.6~4.0 120A 0.8~1.0 1kg

Get the best performance and value on DIY light metal fab by choosing a Perfect Power welder. The mig welder FC-120 series flux core wire welder is the new-and-improved version of our popular MIG 120 welder that’s perfect for sheet metal or even for beginners who want to start with light metal fab. The R&D guys have updated it to the latest IGBT inverter technology. This allows you do to the same high-quality welding on thin mild steel and stainless steel with a welder that weighs less than 16 pounds. That makes it easy to bring your welder to a project.

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