5 in 1 Multi-Process MIG Welder with Intelligent Control

Categories: Equipment Advantages

Capable of MIG/MAG, pulsed MIG/MAG double pulse MIG/MAG, flux cored wire welding, and MMA, the Perfect Power Multimatic MIG-230DPLUS MIG Welder offers up to 230 amps of output at a 60% duty cycle (percentage of time in 10 minutes that it can run nonstop). The industrial wire-feed system handles 3.2M MIG gun cables so welders can work farther away from the power source.

The LCD displayer indicates all details with icons very easy to understand.
At the same time, combined with the scientific button layout it achieves the zero-level operation logic, which is very friendly to the users.

Pulse welding reduces the heat and minimizes spatter without compromising penetration, so it’s perfect for thin and soft materials like aluminum.

The MIG-230DPLUS offers up to 10 channels for saving/loading the customized parameter, each channel can be rewritten according to your welding habit. Once parameters are saved, you can quick access to the corresponding channel by loading the data.

The hardware configuration is strong, equipped with 8 high-power IGBT, 4 Rollers, and Double-driven wire feeding mechanisms, and a high-efficiency cooling system to ensure that the equipment can operate stably and reliably for a long time.

New Arrivals Multi-Process Welding Machines
New Arrivals Multi-Process Welding Machines