What makes MIG Welding a Popular Choice in the Automotive Industry?

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Welding is an essential component of the automotive industry, with almost every car having welded parts. Despite the increasing use of high-tech welding machines in automated production, welding remains a vital skill for workers in the automotive industry, particularly for car mechanics.

Car welding specialists commonly use MIG welding and TIG welding, and the selection of the welding type depends on the specific repair requirements of the car.

Most welding tasks in the automotive repair industry involve fixing cracks, rust, and dents, as well as addressing problems with the vehicle’s electrical system or wiring.

Although TIG welding is versatile and capable of welding a wide range of metals and alloys, this article will primarily focus on the advantages of MIG welding in the context of automotive repair.

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MIG Welding

Skilled welders are required in automotive welding to carry out various types of welds such as removing and repairing the rusted metal, welding exhausts, or fixing cracked panels. MIG welding is the preferred method for many of these processes.

MIG welding is a popular choice in the automotive industry due to its quick and precise nature, as well as its ability to weld both aluminum and steel. This versatile welding method can be used for bodywork, as well as for repairing axles and chassis.

MIG welding is widely used in the automotive industry because it can handle a wider range of metal thickness compared to TIG welding. This enables it to be used effectively on different materials and thicknesses while maintaining the strength of the weld and overall appearance.

MIG welding has the added advantage of being a one-handed operation, unlike TIG welding which typically requires the use of two hands – one to hold the welding torch and another to add the filler material that creates the fusion between the metals being welded. This makes MIG welding more efficient and less labor-intensive, as it can be performed by a single person.

On the other hand (pun not intended), MIG welding uses a wire that is fed through the welding gun as the filler metal. Since it is fed continuously, the welder has one free hand that can be used to manipulate the materials or hold other tools. This makes MIG welding quicker than many other welding methods.

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Why Opt for Automig Welding Machines by Perfect Power Welders?

Perfect Power Welders offers a diverse selection of welding machines, torches, and consumables, including MIG Welding, TIG Welding, Stick Welding, and Plasma Cutting. In the automotive industry, specific welding machines are better suited for the job, and MIG-200DP MIG Welder is a reliable option. This range has been designed specifically for the automotive industry. Perfect Power Welders offers two exceptional models(MIG-200DP & CTMG-4200) from this range that are perfect for the meticulous mechanic.

We’ll start with the  MIG-200DP, which comes with a 3M(L) 15AK MIG torch and a 2M(L) cable with a 200A ground clamp. Robust, hard-working, and reliable, even in heavy-duty environments, you really cannot go too far wrong with this great little unit.

1. Multi-function welding – MIG/MAG, PULSED MIG, DOUBLE PULSED MIG, LIFT TIG, MMA, FLUX CORED Wire welding.
2. Digital controlled PULSED MIG and DOUBLE PULSED MIG for Aluminium welding(MIG-200DP).
3. 1KG/5KG wire spool capable.
4. 2T/4T function.
5. Stable arc with less spatter.
6. Ideal for use in outdoor and indoor conditions.

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Our second recommendation is the 5 in 1 welder CTMG-4200 IGBT Inverter Plasma Cutter, which is designed again for multi-process welding for MMA、HF-TIG、MIG/MAG, Gasless flux-cored wire welding, CUT, and has been specially developed to aid professionals in car repair shops to join various materials.

1. Multi-process welder for MMA、HF-TIG、MIG/MAG, Gasless flux-cored wire welding, and CUT.
2. Full digital control system, welding parameters can be adjusted independently; Stable arc output, superior welding quality.
3. With HF TIG arc starting, allows to strike the arc easily with high frequency and makes it easy to establish an arc under a variety of conditions.
4. SPL MIG and SYN MIG can meet the needs of different users and is more simple to operate.
5. 2T/4T function, adjustable Pre-Flow, and Post-Flow.
6. Max 15mm Cutting thickness.
7. Adjustable Arc Force, Anti-Stick, and Hot Start.
8. VRD function, guarantees operation safety. 9. Capable for different shapes welding, like butt-joint, corner joint, T-joint, lap joint, and cruciform joint 10. Overcurrent & heating protection.

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New Arrivals Multi-Process Welding Machines